So cold these days, all the animals get free range romping time morning and before dusk, then back in the barn. Bill has built Bella's luxurious pen, sans door. It is currently too frigid to work on the goat's pens. Large pasture for Bella and the goats ready to be set up in the spring, or when the ground is unfrozen (April- May at this rate).

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February 18, 2015. Current sale items:

Strauch Ball Winders:

Ball Winder special #1; bonus of 7.4 oz Yak-Merino-Silk, 3.9 oz. natural cashmere-silk
Ball Winder special #2; bonus of 4 oz. Mongolian Cashmere top (light brown), and 8 oz. of Yak-Merino (light brown)

You can use the ball winder purchase link on the page above, and simply specify bonus 1 or bonus 2. I am considering adding to the bonuses..... if there is interest in dyed bamboo or some (rare) dyed nylon -- the latter nice for plying for sock yarns, of course.

1 lb. of Ashland Bay Freeport Multicolor Merino with one free pound of Fernwood Multicolor Merino. Freeport was discontinued, but is quite lovely. Use the purchase button for Freeport and make note of the special:

I had to delete the Fernwood to insert the Freeport, but can send a jpeg, or it should still be on the Ashland Bay website. It is a dark brown blend.


Coming Sales/Specials:

Merino-Bamboo-Silk, Merino-Angora, Merino-Cashmere, Cashmere-Silk, and finally our last 4 oz. of Peace of Yarn light brown Mongolian-Cashmere top.

More specials to come through the weeks and month(s) as we clear out discontinued fibers, reconfigure shelf space, and add in slots for all the new Ashland Bay multicolor and solid color merinos. Plus, maybe I can have the goats take a website creation course. Tommy and Dukey are up to 55+ lbs, and we are estimating Bella at 450+. More if she is stepping on your toe.

We hope you are warm! I had always wondered if there could be a thunderstorm with snow.... now I know. Best wishes to those in Boston. By the way.... where ARE you plowing that snow to these days?

Teressa and Jeanette,
SpinningFiber, Inc.

802-427-3319 (home/business);
802-432-8873 (Text to my tablet - great reception or links into home network);
Cell -- 802-274-7559 (no voice reception in the homestead here).

NOTE: Progress on the real, official website is proceeding at a snail's pace. We have simply "highjacked" this old site until we can do something, well, modern, that we non-techie types can figure out. That site is nearly just a placeholder on Squarespace, that we will give one more attempt at figuring out. After that, Shopify, or a new store-building "drag and drop" site that was recommended to us just last night.


Bill notes:

I can still be reached at, checking that address for questions, follow-up, warranties, etc. I'm working to shifting all my personal email to a gmail address, and will gradually phase that address out of use, although it will dump into my Mac Mail program as long as I keep Charter as our Internet Provider (and don't have any current plans to change). New business, I will forward it over to the Gals-in-charge.

Someone told me that anything in the past is a "story". Copper Moose is now such a story. I'm fine, good for another 20some-50 years (my great Aunt lived to 105)-- just limited to no more than 10-15 hours of work/week for health maintenance, whether or not I am legally designated disabled (Don't ask, it's genetic). Now to organize my days beyond semi-random reading.

I again would like to thank everyone I have had the good fortune to work with during the 12+ years.
With light, warmth, and all my heart.

SpinningFiber card

Spinning fiber and fibers, Spinning Wheel, Drum Carder, and Loom photography and artwork in this site copyright 2015 SpinningFiber Inc. unless they are images supplied by distributor (Ashford, Louet, Majacraft Schacht, Strauch), then they are copyright their respective source and used with permission.

Returns for fibers and small items (hand cards, bobbins, dyes) are 14 days and money back or merchandise credit, but I can be flexible. Most equipment such as spinning wheels and drum carders are not returnable once opened/used. It is hard to get some of the items back into the box, and some dealer rules maintain that returned items can only be sold as new, so therefore, they must be new and unused. We work with manufacturers, shipping insurance, warranty, and in some cases our own personal warranty to resolve any issues by replacing parts as needed.


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goat with fenceUpper left: Bella, New Year's Eve (not to fear, her pasture will be set up in the Spring, and she gets plenty of romping time. Just yesterday, I ran around the yard and her and the goats followed me on laps.

Middle: 2 easily visible of our "adopted" three wild turkeys that circle around several times a day. They help spread out the barn hay in the two composte heaps. Rear and side view of Dukey and Tommy.

Upper right: Fluffy, the giant rooster. Part rooster, part Godzilla. (Note domestic turkey size in upper right.)

Lower right: Milo (left) (Monkey-man; as his facial hair has grown in -- he looks like Planet of the Apes, also from my favorite Travelling Willburies song), Goatis (formerly Otis, on the right). Otis received my Special High Intensity Training for rambunctious goats, and is now well-behaved.




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