Nora, our naughty turkey hen. She has returned from spending most of her time in the woods. We suspect she had a clutch of (non-fertile) eggs.

However, I just found a clutch in my rows of peas... which explains why they are a bit crushed.

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September 12, 2014.

Reserve your 2014-2015 Cherry Matchless Wheel. Email or text!

2 left for shipment est. November 11;
4 left for pre-Christmas delivery.
$1379 w/free shipping plus $25 credit.

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED. Payment due 14-18 days prior to shipment.
This may change to a low, refundable deposit on future postings. But for now, we are holding wheels with no deposit -- as we know that life events happen as they will.

SpinningFiber, Inc. is up and going. We have a mountain of fibers, plus great wheel and spinning, weaving equipment and supplies from the best: Schacht, Schacht-Reeves, Majacraft, Strauch, Ashford, Louet, Ashland Bay, and fibers sourced world-wide.

As things permit we will add fibers we have not seen available in the US. New stuff! Yeh! Our goal is to have the broadest range of fibers available anywhere in the U.S.

We are only using this acquired site until such time that can be built from the ground up... with modern website features! It's a big job! First is to select from the available shop building software (for non-techies like us). At more than 225 pages, this site is a dated, Franken-stein-like hodge-podge. does exist, mostly as a welcome home page. Surprisingly, or not so much, we are technophobes. I'm proud to not know how to turn on the TV.

We look forward to meeting you all! Thank you so very much during this period of new beginnings! Scroll down for kids and Nora the naughty turkey photo. Coming up soon is a "guess what this giant chicken's breed is?" contest.

More animal pictures to come! Yesterday I found a clutch of turkey eggs in the peas section of my garden. I picked our first head of cabbage, and my husband and I are looking forward to stuffed cabbage. Zucchinis and squash are coming in with a vengence. I've picked enough tomatos to make my own salsa. Bill has pleaded with me to not give any away this year.

Temperatures are dropping. Days are getting shorter. This morning, I noticed that Fluffy, the lone rooster, was not doing his morning hoarse attempt at a cockadoodledoo. I feared the worst. However, all the birds came barreling out of the coop as I did my daily ritual of opening the door and flattening myself against the barn so as to not be hit from the mad rush and flights out.

Teressa and Jeanette,
SpinningFiber, Inc.,
802-427-3319 (home/business); 802-274-7559 (cell, text).





Bill writes:

I can still be reached at, checking that address for questions, advice, follow-up, warranties, etc. If it is new business, I will forward it over to the Gals-in-charge.

Someone told me that anything in the past is a "story". Copper Moose is now such a story. I have many great stories and wonderful customers from around the globe, referrals, vendors. There was the convergence of many different "vectors" at the end of last year, leading to new paths. A family-health-work balance that was due.

A new story began; as I decided to move on, a phoenix arose, one with a tighter focus than Copper Moose. No eBay madness, etc. Teressa and the silent sage Jeanette (when she speaks up, you know it) are SpinningFiber, Inc. They began stocking up inventory with tax refunds early 2014. They have access to my brain (such as it is) for a while.

I again would like to thank everyone I have had the good fortune to work with during the 12+ years.

With light, warmth, and all my heart,


SpinningFiber card

Spinning fiber and fibers, Spinning Wheel, Drum Carder, and Loom photography and artwork in this site copyright 2014 SpinningFiber Inc. unless they are images supplied by distributor (Ashford, Louet, Majacraft Schacht, Strauch), then they are copyright their respective source and used with permission.

Returns for fibers and small items (hand cards, bobbins, dyes) are 14 days and money back or merchandise credit, but I can be flexible. Most equipment such as spinning wheels and drum carders are not returnable once opened/used. It is hard to get some of the items back into the box, and some dealer rules maintain that returned items can only be sold as new, so therefore, they must be new and unused. We work with manufacturers, shipping insurance, warranty, and in some cases our own personal warranty to resolve any issues by replacing parts as needed.


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Great Alpaca, your favorite mohair, blue face leicester, corriedale, finn, silks, merinos, color fibers, multicolor colonial/merino and merino rovings.


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Jezibel, born July 17th, joined us 5 days later; an early anniversary gift. Wood represents strength, solidity and warmth – and is the traditional material of the fifth anniversary. I wanted a cow. She is all of those characteristics.

She's had a lot of fun being a bucking bronco in the yard. Being a nuisance in plucking out beet leaves from the garden, but not eating them. She loves to play. Between her and the turkeys, I wonder what kind of garden I'll end up having.

Lettuce, beans, tomatoes, one japanese eggplant have been picked. My edamame plant/bush is growing like crazy, but so far, no edamame!!

However, I love animals and they are providing fantastic "animal therapy."
My husband comments that he has never seen me so happy.
Tommy is sleeping, not fainted (above). Dukey (above right) and Tommy are Nigerian Dwarf goats. Used rescue goats, as a matter of fact. It is amazing what you can barter for with fresh chicken and turkey eggs! Below left...brats who are kids. Below who are brats. New pictures coming!

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