August 26, 2015.

Special 30% off multicolor and 40+% silk and silk blend fiber sale.

40+% Off Silk and Silk Blend Silks page NEW, Great prices.....!

30% Off Merino-silks sale page

30% Off Multicolor Merino sale page

New Year of the Sheep August Schacht Packages

Matchless DT with Bulky Flyer Set Up, $1335

Ladybug with Bulky Flyer Set Up, $845

Sidekick with Bulky Flyer Set Up, $998

Plus, all Gaywool and Bush Blend dyes will be put on sale.


retro pre-1999 website here, I know

Inventory Reduction Sale prior to new website, new UK fibers, and possible move.

Teressa and Jeanette,
SpinningFiber, Inc.

802-427-3319 (home/business);
cell phone number to come -- I have very poor reception at home.

Progress on the real, official website is proceeding at a worse than a snail's pace. We have "hijacked" this old site until we can do something...modern..that we non-techie types can figure out. I couldn't figure out SquareSpace. Maybe Shopify, or a new store-building "drag and drop" site that was recommended to us recently. Personally, I think HTML is an abbreviation for Hades Trained Monkey Labor. I am somewhat proud of not knowing how to turn on the TV or much past that. What can I say, I'm not a geek. I've got a son and a husband for that.....

Meanwhile... Bella moved as much as I loved her. All of the goats are evil in their own adorable ways. Bill is threatening to sue me over shrubbery. Summer and rains are here. There is plenty of grass and, well, what used to be rose and other bushes in the side and back yards. The goats are enjoying the brush.


Bill notes:

I can still be reached at, checking that address for questions, follow-up, warranties, etc. I am phasing out that email address over time - it is almost clear. Probably staying here at the old homestead for quite some time.

New business, I forward over to the Gal(s)-in-charge. When needed, I answer specific questions. I again would like to thank, with all my heart, everyone I have had the good fortune to work with during the 14+ years. I am still "on call".

See for my music hobbyist exploits. More NL-X to come...I have completed my thematic aims for the next series of songs.

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Spinning fiber and fibers, Spinning Wheel, Drum Carder, and Loom photography and artwork in this site copyright 2015 SpinningFiber Inc. unless they are images supplied by distributor (Ashford, Louet, Majacraft Schacht, Strauch), then they are copyright their respective source and used with permission.

Returns for fibers and small items (hand cards, bobbins, dyes) are 14 days and money back or merchandise credit, but I can be flexible. Most equipment such as spinning wheels and drum carders are not returnable once opened/used. It is hard to get some of the items back into the box, and some dealer rules maintain that returned items can only be sold as new, so therefore, they must be new and unused. We work with manufacturers, shipping insurance, warranty, and in some cases our own personal warranty to resolve any issues by replacing parts as needed.


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Great Alpaca, your favorite mohair, blue face leicester, corriedale, finn, silks, merinos, color fibers, multicolor colonial/merino and merino rovings.


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