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Bobbins on sales sub-sections pages 2 and 3. Check weekly.

2 Finished Kromski Jumbo

$40 for the set of two. New, unused.

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3 Finished Ashford Lace

Special ordered from NZ. $36 for set of 3

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2 Mahogany Kromski Jumbo

$40 for the set. New, unused.

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More bobbins and accessories.

Spring Sale Pages 2 and 3

More Spindles.

Page number to come.

Pima Cotton 8oz, cotton-lyocell 8 oz, with 8" cotton carders combo.

67.50 Wow!

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Multicolor fiber lots from large to small.

Mostly the classic colonial blends. Page number to come.

Color Nylon fibers.

Great for multiply sock yarn, several colors. Page number to come.

Big bargains on color bamboo

Three of those heavenly colors: Aegean, Heliotrope, Malachite. Page number to come.

Yak-Merino-Silk and other exotic fibers, inc. camels

Page number to come

Uncommon natural fibers such as this win pack - 2 different 8 oz. lots of natural brown and dark brown corriedale.

Page number to come.

Synthetics and misc.

Page number to come.

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