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Bobbins on pg. 2 link below NOTE TEXT TO THE RIGHT OF THE BOXED NUMBERS. Pages made and
updated as time permits and sales quantities updated. Expect a pause May 17th to the beginning of June.
Bill's working on even more Vermont Spindle designs, and not napping enough (post shoulder surgery).
Dyes sale, fiber specials are mostly done. Color merino sales and "more to come".

Optim - 150s Bradford

One 8 oz. bag left. $21.

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Striped Ebony Mini Rosa

Nearly pure black, .6 oz. 7", notched. $25.

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Greensleeves Vixen?

$22. Not 100% sure, but recall some Greensleeves

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Page links above will certainly change.

More bobbins and accessories.

Click here for page 2
and we'll probably need a page 3 also

More Spindles.

This dyed green Koto and laminate was made exclusively for one vendor. While slightly rough in character, is a beauty that works great.

Click here to purchase for $25.

Pima Cotton 8oz + 8oz cotton-lyocell with 8" carders combo.

67.50  WOW!

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Multicolor fiber lots from large to small.

Mostly the classic colonial blends.

Purchase this 4 oz. lot of "Wild Purple Twist for $4.24 by clicking this text. 

Color Nylon fibers.

Great for multi-ply sock yarn, several colors.

Purchase this 4.6 oz of Golden Nylon for a mere $7.75. by clicking this text.

Big bargains on color bamboo

Three of those heavenly colors: Aegean, Heliotrope, Malachite. Page number to come.

Yak-Merino-Silk and other exotic fibers, inc. camels

Page to come

Uncommon natural fibers such as this win pack - 2 different 8 oz. lots of natural brown and dark brown corriedale.

Click here to buy the combo at 19.95

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