Shopping Cart installation for all fibers and equipment is complete. For special orders or questions,
call or email.

To order, call us at:

1-866-443-4237 EST, studio/office

If we aren't available, leave a message with order information OR so that we can return your call. In order to contain costs we ask that you allow us to call you back when answering questions, etc. We have unlimited outgoing long distance, but the toll free number is billed to us at a much higher than average long distance rate.

Orders over 2 pound will ship UPS unless another method is requested. The cart system has an area for comments/questions, clarifications.. we process the charge manually to obtain the best rate for the shipping method used. These items vary wildly in size/weight, and I couldn't hope to program an accurate shipping calculator at this time.


place an email to to confirm availability, include your physical address and the items ordered. _Most_ items are kept in regular stock (special order fibers are noted as such).

Thank you for all the lovely compliments and e-mail.
Check out our auctions and regular eBay Store items on e-bay.

PayPal to or send check or money order to:

Copper Moose Productions, Inc.
43 Maple Lane
East Burke, VT 05832

I see the term "location" come up in our search engine results.. we are not zoned nor insured as a retail space.. mail order, internet, and fiber shows only at this time. Sorry. The fibers are all stored in storage bins without pricing, as it serves as a warehouse for internet/mail/phone orders.



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