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The complete line of Schacht and Louet looms, even Majacraft via drop ship, are available. Email for Schacht Wolf Loom line package quotes. We hope to get some of the small Schacht mini looms in just for fun, or the holidays, or both.

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Loom Specials


Schacht Looms - up to $200 shipping credit on and Standard Jack, Baby Wolf, or Mighty Wolf Looms. 10% off Wolf Pup and Table Looms. Note - email or call for quote. Some Loom packages include free bonus items.

Louet Full Size Loom Specials 10% off, free shipping. Dependant on US stock.

Ashford Table Loom and Stand specials - hopefully returning in the next several months, if fortune smiles

1-802-427-3319 EST Home/Business, so forgive me if I simply answer "Hello".

later times available for Central and Pacific time zones - Leave message and we will call back, or can call back in general.