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Fibers: Free U.S. shipping on fiber orders over $100.

Wheel Bonuses are always customizable to the value of the assigned or choice items, or can be applied to an item of greater value. If I have a better/different special posted on an eBay listing for an item, you can get that bonus. I haven't synchronized them all and some vary.

Wheels: Ashford Wheels: These Specials supercede Specials on the page with the wheel, if you have read this far and mention them. Free Shipping with any Ashford Traditional, Traveller, Joy, Kiwi, or Elizabeth wheel purchase plus TWO of the following: a) 2 Bonus bobbins OR b) Oil OR c) Niddy Noddy, OR d) 1 lb corriedale. Mention special and pick your bonus(es). For the Electric Spinner, the bonus is now two pounds of fiber, however, other items of comparable value may be substituted.

Free bonus bobbins item/selection does NOT apply to the Ashford Country Spinner.

Kromski wheels - new specials have been listed on their respective pages. If you want a customized bonus, such as applying the value of the bonus items to an upright or arched kate, email and I'll figure it out.

Shacht and Majacraft wheels: As listed with the wheel write-ups. Also customizable or dollar value coupon upon request.


SPINDLES: On very, very extended vacation. It is hard to change hats so may times each day! I don't know whether they will return or not, and have my serious doubts as I feel I am so far behind on web pages and new fibers/sections.

Looms:Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom - free shipping. Choose one Extra Heddle at 15% off heddle retail, specify 10 or 12 dent.

Ashford Folding Table Loom and Stand specials:10% off loom plus stand and free shipping, 5% off accessories (free shipping if bought with loom). Applies only to Table Looms, not Rigid Heddle Loom (which has only free shipping). The Knitters loom in 12 and 20 inch has free shipping. It is not considered a Table Loom eligible for 10% discount. Email for details if interested.

Louet Loom Specials 10% off, Free shipping.

Schacht Looms - up to $200 shipping credit on and Standard Jack, Baby Wolf, or Mighty Wolf Looms + Bonus. 10% off Wolf Pup and Table Looms + Bonus. Call for quote.



Strauch carders include free US shipping (including APO addresses) and bonus fiber. These are amazing carders. See page one under "Carders" button/section.


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available via email or mail. There is no cart button for it. We would need to charge a card or get a paypal payment with recipient information.