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Blue Face Leicesters, Corriedale, Merino, Falkland, Polwarth plus Superwash Merino and BFL
Jacob New Zealand
Alpaca Herdwick & Karakul Wensleydale
Camel &
Finn Shetland

Gotland & Masham

Angora Hemp Icelandic
Silks - Tussah, Sliver, Caps Bamboo Top, Bast Bamboo, Merino-Tencel, Tencel
Merino-Silk from Ashland Bay, Ashford, Louet; Multicolor Merino from Ashland Bay; all on SALE - 30% Off
Faux Cashmere, Viscose, Red Camel Used in Masks and Rugs. Red Camel is back!!
Budget Fibers - Synthetic and Natural
Color Merino, Corriedale, etc. Ashland Bay Dyed Merino
Superfine Cashmeres, Yak, Camel Down
Exclusive Purchases and Blends at Great Prices!! Corn, Flax, Optim, Firestar, Icicle, Milk
White, Gold, Black, Grey Mohair, Texas Kid Mohair Blend
Gold, White, Tan, Black, Grey Mohair
Alpaca-Merino-Tussah, Merino-Mohair, Alpaca-Silk, Suri Alpaca-Mohair,
Merino-Tussah, Merino-Cultivated Silk, Alpaca-Tussah
, Blue Face Leicester-Silk
Silks - Tussah, Sliver, Caps
Silk and silk blends - Many on Sale.
Silks - Tussah, Sliver, Caps
Silks - Tussah, Sliver, CapsIn Nother imite