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Welcome to Copper Moose Video Productions How to Video Series. $35 DVD or Video, 4.25 mail U.S.

In the works ......"Connie Delaney Spindle Seminar" as time permits in an overpacked post Crystal era.... I realize this video was shot before Billy was born ?!!?

Charkha Spinning: Tips & Techniques is 75 minutes chock full of excellent information presented by Elaine Benfatto. One beginner who couldn’t figure out her holiday gift Charkha got an advance copy of the tape in progress and proclaimed it “Excellent! Perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything I needed to know was covered. She’s a fantastic instructor.” Elaine’s years of experience may also help existing Charkha users with discussions of fibers and fiber preparation, advanced and non-traditional Charkha fibers, trouble-shooting, positions, techniques for faster and more consistent throughput, and additional topics.

VHS VHS-PAL format (Europe, Japan)

The "Spindles Around the World" video shows advanced spindle techniques for using ethnic spindles such as: Navajo, Russian, Turkish, Takli, Akha, and Balkan.

The program includes segments on low and high whorl spindle designs, hook tweaking, whorl notching, winding cops, doffing (removing) yarn, plying and Andean Plying.

Also, using Nostepindes, ways of managing fiber, making and using various distaffs,
spinning from the fold. There's even a chapter about making CD Spindles and spindle accessories from household items.

VHS VHS-PAL format (Europe, Japan)

"Just received the new DVD, Spindles around the World. It's beautifully produced and full of information. Thanks to Barbara for sharing her knowledge. I will tell everyone I see, near drop spindles at the sheep shows coming up, about the new DVD/video. Can't wait to see what you produce next."

Regina Edmiston

Dealers include: ; (Bosworths) in Acton, Massachussetts;

Woodland Woolworks in Oregon;

Also Available from Barbara Clorite-Ventura.

Charkha Tips and Techniques Dealers: (Bosworths) in Acton, Massachussetts;

Woodland Woolworks in Oregon;